Optimal Performance Training for Weight Management
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Physical activity is a fundamental component to successful weight management. In fact, fitness is a much more powerful determinant of a person's health than is excess weight. That is, those who remain overweight but increase their level of fitness have markedly better health outcomes than even those who are normal weight but unfit.

Coach Ken Johnson and The National Academy of Sports Medicine offers the Optimal Performance Training for Weight Management program that incorporates cardiorespiratory and strength training. The program is designed with modifications for individual considerations such as diabetes and hypertension, individuals for whom "standard exercise principles" may be inappropriate and potentially dangerous.

The OPT for Weight Management Program starts with a fitness assessment:

Based on this data, we will develop a 12-week cardiorespiratory program for you, incorporating interval training utilizing your three heart rate training zones.

The benefits of interval training are:

In achieving weight loss, the amount of fat burned during the day is even more important than how much fat is burned during a workout. Studies have shown that interval training raises metabolism after a workout and keeps it higher for a longer period than any "steady state" workout.

There are several options for cardiorespiratory workouts: walking, easy jog, stationary bicycle, spin bike, elliptical fitness machine, Stairmaster, deep water jogging, etc.

It is strongly recommended that participants use a heart rate monitor for their cardiorespiratory training.

Strength Training for Weight Management

The Optimal Performance Training model provides a systematic, multi-week strength training program to go with your cardiorespiratory training. The OPT program has been extremely successful in helping all population reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass and/or strength, and improve overall health. There are three phases for those working on weight management:

Stabilization Level

Strength Level

The first level of training in the OPT model focuses on the main adaptation of Stabilization (or, anatomical adaptation) and is designed to prepare the body for the demands of higher levels of training that may follow. This level is important for weight management because the low intensity and high repetitions allow for prolonged activity and caloric expenditure. By training appropriately in this level, weight management clients may be able to greatly increase their energy and energy expenditure levels, as well as decrease body fat.

The second level of training in the OPT model focuses on the main adaptation of Strength, which includes strength endurance, muscle size, and maximal strength. The weight management client, however, will only need train for strength endurance (though other phases of training can be used if desired).

Strength training may be done using just body weight, resistance bands, free weights, or weight machines. We can easily develop a program that you can do in the privacy of your own home with a minimum of equipment costs.

How do I begin?

Contact Coach Ken Johnson at for your initial assessment and to discuss developing your complete weight management program.