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Our Vision: To guide individuals to accomplish what they thought impossible, in fitness, health, and performance.

Why "Guide?"

Guide cutting steps

Consider the Mountain Guide. Mountain Guides do not climb mounts for people. Nothing is accomplished, really, if you hire me as your mountain guide and pay me to go to the summit while you watch me with binoculars from the lodge.

As your guide, I help you plan the climb. We access your readiness for the climb and what you have and need in equipment and resources. Together we determine what route to take. We plan how long the climb will take, and how to handle elements we cannot control.

When we do summit, it is your flag that is planted, not mine, for this was your journey. It was you and the mountain. Your coach was like a good solid rope - a support.
From Michael Arloswki, Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change

About 3-Fitness

3-Fitness & Wellness provides triathlon training, personal training, and wellness coaching. Our services are available for individuals and groups, in-person and online. Our Mission:

This has been an amazing, life-changing experience for me, for which you are in no small part it's facilitator. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Brenda K., 2010 Triathlon Training class participant

3-Fitness Triathlon Training

3-Fitness & Wellness is owned by USA Triathlon Level I Certified Coach Ken Johnson, who is also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. 3-Fitness uses the latest in scientific training principles to get you to the finish line standing, in dignity, and with a smile on your face. Read some testimonials from our athletes.

Individual and Group triathlon training is available through the LakeView RecPlex, in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. The RecPlex is the site of the Trek Women's Triathlon, the Danskin Women's Triathlon, the Pleasant Prairie Junior Triathlon, and the Pleasant Prairie Triathlon and Duathlon. Coach Ken Johnson offers group training for all of these races.

3-Fitness also offers individualized athlete coaching via online training plan & log. Please note that ALL of our training programs are individual tailored to the specific athlete, from your first sprint triathlon to an Ironman. Unlike off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all programs that proliferate the web, we'll look at your training base, race goals, and lifestyle to come up with your own specialized training plan for the season. We offer one-time training plans, or monthly coaching. Take a look at our Triathlon Coaching Services for more information.

3-Fitness Personal Training and Fitness Classes

3-Fitness & Wellness offers a variety of Fitness Classes and individual and group Personal Training sessions. Fitness classes are held in several locations, including the Pleasant Prairie RecPlex, McHenry County College, and Grayslake's Central Park.

Our Personal Training programs are based on the National Academy of Sports Medicine's Optimal Performance Training system. More than just lifting weights, the OPT system will give you core strength, balance, and power for whatever activity you do - from an Ironman to working around the house.

We offer specialized Cardiorespiratory Training Plans for Weight Loss and Weight Management, Fitness Goals, and Performance Goals.

For more information, please see our Personal Training page.

3-Fitness Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaches are credentialed health, fitness, and mental health professionals who coach clients on evidence-based areas of wellness - physical activity, nutrition, weight, stress, and life satisfaction. Wellness programming and wellness coaching are about helping people improve their lifestyle behavior.

3-Fitness & Wellness offers individual wellness coaching sessions following the gold standard of Wellcoaches Corporation, a strategic partner of the American College of Sports Medicine. Online + telephone coaching is available. For more information, please see our Wellness Coaching home page.

Are you ready to take your journey? Contact your guide Coach Ken Johnson at: or use our Contact Form.