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The Vegan Triathlete

USA Triathlon Multisport Zone, August 8, 2016

Triathletes are naturally concerned about nutrition — for workouts and recovery and on race day. There can be different nutritional strategies for different athletes, and some lifestyle choices significantly affect our triathlon nutrition. Perhaps the biggest is the vegan lifestyle. Can the vegan triathlete be successful in our sport? Absolutely, but some planning is required.

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Dehydration in Sports Performance

LiveStrong.com, Aug 13, 2015

Staying hydrated during your workouts and competitions is vitally important for your performance According to the International Olympic Committee, dehydration impairs an athlete’s performance in most events: endurance sports, team sports, power and sprint sports, winter sports and sports with weight classes. Athletes need to be well-hydrated before and during exercise and competition.

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Race Day Nutrition and Hydration

Coach Ken's presentation at the Becoming Tri-Wise seminar series at the LakeView RecPlex

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Evaluating Ergogenic Aids (Supplements)

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Dietary supplementation is widespread, especially among professional and recreational athletes. Have you been thinking about supplementing to enhance your athletic performance? Are you aware of the scientific research and safety concerns regarding some popular performance enhancing ergogenic aids?

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Eating Whole Foods

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Are you having trouble getting enough nutrients to fuel your active lifestyle? Do you want to achieve optimal sports performance? Eating a diet of whole foods -- foods that have not had vital nutrients refined out of them -- can help you get the nutrition you need to meet these goals.

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