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The 5 Biggest Transition Mistakes

USA Triathlon Multisport Zone, June 9, 2017

We often call transition the fourth discipline of triathlon (and indeed, any multisport). A fast and smart transition improves your race time and stress level. Unfortunately, a bad transition caused by mistakes can result in everything from a disappointing race time to a full race disqualification.

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Your Guide to a Transition Walk-through

USA Triathlon Multisport Zone, May 9, 2017

Are you a triathlete training hard to take a few minutes off your swim or run time, or maybe five to 10 minutes off your bike time? If so, make sure that you’re not overlooking a place where you often can save a good bit of time with just a little effort. That’s in the “fourth discipline” of triathlon: the transition.

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Transition Tips

Tips for faster and calmer transitions.

transition setupBefore the Race

  • Use our Race Day Checklist.
  • Get to the transition area early.
  • Check the pressure in your bike tires before going to transition.
  • Put on sunscreen.
  • Body Lube your neck if you are wearing a wet suit to prevent chafing. Likewise do your arms if you are wearing a sleeveless model.
  • Body Lube other sensitive parts, like nipples and groin, for the bike and run.
  • Don't use Vaseline if you are wearing a wet suit - it's bad for the neoprene. If you don't have Runner's Lube or Body Glide, or something similar, Pam works in a pinch.
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Transition: the (Oft Overlooked) Fourth Discipline of Triathlon

Many triathletes in their first few years of competition work hard on lowering their finish times, struggling to take a minute or two off the run or perhaps five minutes off the bike. However, often they overlook the place where you can easily take minutes off your race with a little preparation and smart thinking - the transition.

Triathlons have two transitions, both of which are places to pick up time without a lot of extra work. The swim to bike transition is known at T1 and the bike to run transition is T2. Here are some tips to shorten your transitions and improve your finish times.

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