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Getting Great Summer Skin

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Is your skin ready for the summer? Well, beautiful skin starts from the inside. A diet rich in skin nutrients coupled with blood-pumping exercise can revive the dullest winter complexion.

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Tracking Your Eating

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Is your training program not doing all you want it to with regard to weight management? You may be able to solve the mystery with a food diary. Having to write everything down you consume can motivate you to eat well. It can also help you learn a great deal about your eating habits.

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Mastering Food Portion Control

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In the past decade, the number of overweight adults in the United States has increased from one in four to one in two. While lack of exercise is a big part of the problem, nutritionists believe that another major culprit is poor portion control. A "megameal" mentality has taken hold in restaurants, fast-food sport, convenience stores and even in many homes.

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10 Steps to Changing Your Eating Behavior

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Do you alternate between following a meal plan and losing weight (being “good”) and falling off the plan and regaining weight (being “bad”)? It’s a frustrating but common cycle. Nutrition experts Ellie Zografakis, RD, and Dale Huff, RD, CSCS, co-owners of NutriFormance Personal Training and Sports Nutrition in St. Louis believe that behavior modification strategies--rather than diets--can help you break this self-defeating cycle and make lasting lifestyle changes.

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