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5 Fascinating Facts About Meditation   pdf

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You’re probably aware of how people use meditation for religious purposes and for stress relief. But, there are many other benefits of incorporating meditation into your lifestyle, and I’ll share a few of them below. 5 Fascinating Facts About Meditation in More of A Physical Sense:

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Finding The Right Yoga Class For You

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How do you find the right yoga class? Yoga styles today range from gentle and meditative to vigorous and technical demanding. Here's 10 tips for finding a safe, effective yoga class.

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Meditation Methods

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Once viewed as a mystical Eastern discipline, the art of meditation is quicking developing strong roots among Westerners. Yoga and meditation expert Michele Hebert provides an introduction to meditation and offers suggestions on how to start.

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Walking the Labyrinth

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On the messy road of life, it is often challenging to determine what your next step will be, what direction you will take and which way you will turn. Perhaps that is one reason why walking a labyrinth as a meditation is so appealing: the journey is clearly marked, unobstructed and in full view. Although it twists and winds its way to the center, there are no tricks, wrong choices or dead ends. To reach your destination, all you have to do is follow the path.

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How to Choose a Mind-Body Exercise

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Are you looking for something different in your workouts--exercise that will engage your body and mind in a new way? Mind-body exercise (physical activity performed with an internal focus) is an increasingly popular choice. It can improve not only flexibility, strength, posture and balance but also coordination, stress management and focus.

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Qigong Sampler

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Would you like to practice a simple style of exercise that is reputed to strengthen your immune system, prolong your life span, increase your energy, uplift your spirit, vitalize your sexual functioning, enhance your general health, relax your body and calm your mind? For thousands of years, millions of Chinese have highly valued qi *or chi, pronounced chee), which can be activated through the practice of qigong.

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What Yoga Research Shows

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Do you practice yoga. Did you know that despite the challenges of researching the health benefits of yoga, many good-quality studies are beginning to emerge, and the results are interesting. In particular in the areas of Back Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Osteoarthritis.

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Flow to Health and Happiness

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Have you ever found yourself in a state of complete absorption in a complex and challenging activity that stretches your skills? This wonderful state is called flow. When you’re in flow, you don’t think about yourself and you aren’t distracted or fretting. You’re intently focused. You feel fully alive, awake, energized and present. Learn why flow is so important and how you can increase flow experiences in your life.

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