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Food Countdown for Weight Loss

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We know that reducing dietary fat, controlling portion sizes, and being active are the real keys to health weight management. Here's an easy-to-follow low-fat eating plan:

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Eating for Weight Loss

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Exercise is important for weight loss, but so is eating nutritious foods. Here are some tips to eat in a way that supports weight loss, such as a food log, nutrient density, and healthy dairy:

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Meal Strategies

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Restaurent and home meal portions have gone from reasonably sized to supersized. Most restaurant meals are esimated to contain 1,000 calories -- excluding appetizers and desser. Add those and you have a 2,000 calore sized. Portion sized do matter. 100 extra calories per day add up to 10 pounds weight gain in one year.

Here are some simple strategies to control portion sizes, that apply to fast food joints and fancy fine dining establishments:

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