Chicagoland Trek & Danskin Women's Triathlons Training

Chicagoland Trek Triathlon and Danskin Triathlon Training classes held at RecPlex in Pleasant Prairie, WI by USA Triathlon Coach Ken Johnson

Train Where You Race!

Ladies - join the fastest growing segment of new triathletes, that of women. Our 10-11 week courses will prepare you for Chicagoland Trek Women's Triathlon and the Danskin Triathlon, both at Pleasant Prairie, WI. Even if you've never swum in a lake, ridden a bike more than a few miles, or even run a mile, we'll train your body and mind to complete the race with a smile on your face!

All Trek and Danskin Triathlon Training is offered through the RecPlex, host facility for both the 2009-2011 Chicagoland Trek Women's Triathlon and the 2003-2011 Chicagoland Danskin Triathlon, in Pleasant Prairie, WI.

All Trek & Danskin Triathlon Training Class Participants Will Receive

Train with the USAT Certified Coach that has been at the race location since 2005, and is employed by the host facility. You will get a better overview of the course and the race than from someone who perhaps comes to the race site one time before the race date. Train with someone who is there year-round, and knows all the race tips and traps.

Multiple Options to Meet the Needs of All Triathletes

I didn't get a chance to see you on Sunday after the race, but have the same sentiments as everyone else – I could NOT have done this without you and your excellent preparation in the class. I felt so prepared and because of that, extra confident that I had all the right equipment, knew exactly what to expect and had the right training.
H.G., Trek Triathlon Training Class

Additional Trek Triathlon and Danskin Traithlon clinics are offered by Coach Ken. See the Clinic page for details and the schedule.

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